Farr Festival

About Farr Festival

Farr is a boutique festival held in a deserted forest just outside london. An organically evolving party, it has grown into one of the leading boutique festivals in the country whilst still retaining all the charm, magic and intimacy it started out with.

The festival takes place on the Farr family’s stunning rolling fields in Hertfordshire. Farr was meant to begin life as an extended party in the woods for close friends and family, but instead welcomed 600 people to the enchanted woodland for a two-day fiesta in the depths of the countryside.
Inspired by the response and love of Farr’s first outing, the organisers sought to demonstrate their love of music and invited the likes of Ewan Pearson, Julio Bashmore and Lee Foss to join the madness for 2011.

In its third and fourth years the word was out. The crazy little party in the woods grew beyond expectation and acted as home to some of the world's greatest DJs, with Andrew Weatherall, Craig Richards, DBridge playing the music and stage hosts like Numbers, Futureboogie and Just Jack bringing the fun.

Success for many festivals means expansion, bigger numbers and losing the organic magic of the early years, but this is something Farr has always strived to hold onto. Whilst it has slowly increased in size to accommodate the growing demand for a piece of the magic, it has remained true to its roots and this is reflected in the line-ups.

One of the most anticipated events in the summer diary, the fiesta returns from hibernation for Farr '14, bringing more fire than ever! We can't wait to see you in the sun-drenched cornfields and the magical woodlands!

Bygrave Woods

The Farr forest was planted in 1980 as a orchard for wild animals and game cover for the winter months. When we discovered The Shack in our woodland, we knew that this would be the heart of Farr Festival. For the original Woodland Warriors among you who have been with us since the start, you will (just about) remember it. In case your memory needs shaking, it was a broken down caravan that we converted into a stage. The Shack was banging, so banging in fact that it died a sad death when the floor fell in.

Our converted caravan may be gone forever, but the Farr forest remains - stronger than ever! For just one week a year, Bygrave Woods comes to life and is adorned by twinkly lights, colourful bunting and of course YOU - the Woodland Warriors. Without it, Farr would not be what it is today. Long live cinder trees - and of course - RIP The Shack.

Newnham Village & The Local Community

Here at Farr we work hard to work alongside the local community of Newnham village and the surrounding areas. We use local contractor for recycling and stewarding as well as inviting the locals to get involved with the festival. 95% of our waste is recycled through a local company. Having the local community behind us means everything and we will endeavour to keep it that way.