Afrikan Sciences

Afrikan Sciences creates a strange and outer-worldly brew of vibes fused with Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk that is slightly on the experimental side.

Afrikan Sciences is one of the most expansive and intensive musical torch bearers of modern experimental techno and jazz. A self taught multi-instrumentalist and a true outsider, he challenges the canon and the limitations of musical expression through his complex yet mind opening rhythmical and sonic woven formations. 

Porter's repertoir covers possibly an entire spectrum of music yet defies the constraints of categorisation which sets him apart from other contemporaries. Listening to African Sciences we're entering a Universe in itself, full of Intrigue and Inspiration.

At the dawn of the Age of transhumanism one of the matters to consider is the concept of Man vs Machine and the balance between manmade and digitally facilitated.

There is a clear sense of human centred approach in AfSci's output, with an emphasis on improvisation, fluidity, exploration and development. It is a sound for the acquired taste yet not exclusive. His live performances resonate through the audience leaving them enthralled, hypnotised, enriched. Triumphing over the analog with productions and performances with a truly organic feel.