DEBONAIR connects the musical dots, with a particular affinity for post-punk, techno and vintage electronica.

You’ll know DEBONAIR from her radio show on NTS. She’s held down a primetime slot on the London station since it began back in 2011 and her bi-weekly sessions have gained a loyal following thanks to her on-point selections of post-punk, coldwave, EBM, techno, italo and classic house. 

She regularly steps out of the studio to play parties on London’s underground club circuit and has developed a reputation for delivering punchy, invigorating sets at venues like Fabric, Oval Space and Corsica Studios. She’s as comfortable on a bill with an out-there experimentalist like Fis as she is with a freewheeling party DJ like DMX Krew and brings these two worlds together at Linear Space, the party she co-runs at The Alibi. 

Catch DEBONAIR’s show on NTS every other Thursday, from 5-6pm, and see her take control of a studio space or warehouse near you soon. She brings her signature style to both situations, shedding light on hidden gems with precise placement and energy.