DJ Stingray

You’d be forgiven for expecting DJ Stingray to be one of the more intimidating figures in electronic music. A physically imposing character associated with a dark, dystopian brand of electro, and rarely seen without his trademark black balaclava.

Real name Sherard Ingram, Stingray was initially taught to DJ by Kenny Dixon Jnr (aka Moodymann) in the mid-1980s. The pair soon found themselves holding down a regular slot at The Outcast, a hard-as-nails motorcycle club in North Detroit, and the club’s uncompromising clientele would have a profound impact on Ingram’s style of DJing.

The crowds at The Outcast were interested in hearing Miami bass and hip hop, so Stingray knew that if he wanted to play the techno and electro he was into, he would have to do so seamlessly and at breakneck speed – a method he has continued with ever since.

Perhaps best known for being a member of Urban Tribe, or via his affiliation with seminal electro outfit Drexciya, it’s his determination to uncover innovative new sounds rather than dwell on the past that has helped cement Stingray’s status as a visionary of electronic music.