Fantastic Twins

Fantastic Twins, formerly known as The Twins is the solo project of French producer Julienne Dessagne.

Originally devised for the spoken-word framework of Pachanga Boys’ full-length debut „We Are Really Sorry“ from 2012, Fantastic Twins - formerly known as The Twins - is a project that quickly took on a life on its own. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that Saschienne’s Julienne Dessagne is the mastermind behind Fantastic Twins: drawing on her broad connoisseurship of dance music’s sonic fringes, she likes to conjure up massive synth drones and swooping vocal textures, all aligned by a particularly strong sense of melody and ambience. 

This results in a highly immersive amalgam of different electronic eras, as inciting as it is intoxicating. After highly acclaimed releases on art house imprints Hippie Dance and Optimo Music, Fantastic Twins now hits the dance floors with an analogue-driven live act ready to free your mind and have your buttocks following.