Timothy 'Heretic' Clerkin (live)

Heretic is the new project of Timothy Clerkin. Having spent the last 5 years collaborating and DJ’ing all over Europe, the time has come to put some solo material out under the Heretic name. 

The output will be slightly rougher and noisier than his Eskimo Twins releases, drawing inspiration from childhood heroes such as My Bloody Valentine & Aphex Twin, whilst maintaining a focus on the dance floor.

Heretic began life as a frivolous means of making some raucous club tracks, with themes about science and the refutation of all things religious running through them; hence the name. This quickly evolved into a fully-fledged side project as the pile of tracks kept getting higher and higher.

Early releases on Tusk Wax, My Favorite Robot & Relish garnered the attentions of Erol Alkan, Chloe & Andrew Weatherall, with The Guv'nor asking for a Heretic remix on his latest album. 2017 is continuing to be very busy with a slew of upcoming releases on Throne of Blood & Ransom Note Records, and his live show on the road across Europe.