Job Jobse

Job Jobse has come a very long way over the past six or so years. In 2012, the Amsterdam-based DJ was just beginning his career as a full-time artist, inspired by an internship at Innervisions and regular visits to Club 11, Trouw’s predecessor, during the course of his teenage years. "Every week I started coming to this club, getting to know the artists, the people behind Club 11," he said in a previous interview. "It started to become my second home in a way." It wasn't long, of course, before he started practicing, too, on the turntables he received on his 12th birthday—and, following several years of one-off irregular gigs alongside his work as Trouw's programmer, DJing became his full-time endeavor—a longtime goal achieved. At this point, however, he was considered little more than one to watch, described as another "promising talent" or such things in all early his early press; few could have hoped for the success and recognition he has today.

Today, Jobse is a DJ much in demand with a quite overwhelming touring schedule that will take him to the U.S. and various European destinations over the ensuing months. The platform for this success, without question, was Trouw, the legendary, though now closed, Amsterdam-based institution at which Jobse played resident for many years—a responsibility that finished with him playing club's final ever set in 2015. "It was the biggest honor," he has previously said. Trouw, incidentally, was actually one of his first ever gigs, and his time there went a long way to shaping both his style and sound, one that encompasses a more diverse and wide reaching take on the deeply melodic house and techno that has grown to such prominence over recent times.