Marlon Hoffstadt

Marlon Hoffstadt is a 23-year old DJ and producer from Berlin who put out his first works aged just 17 after ceaselessly working to refine his sound he has now specified his vision and started a label called Retrograde, specifically to put out music from their close friends.

In February 16 his first record on his own imprint was released with Chicago house legend Paris Brightledge on the vocals. The pair just released another collaboration on Retrograde in November 16 and is now going to release a third one on DJ Haus’ label Hot Haus this year.

Marlon’s second EP’s in the last year received props from the likes of the Boiler Room, XLR8R, Ransome and Deep House Amsterdam, who helped bring his distinctive signature sound to a wider audience.

Besides a constant stream of new releases and new music you can find Marlon and crew frequently bringing new talent to his recent invite series at Berlin’s Chalet Club, that featured the likes of FIT Siegel, Hashman Deejay, Breach, Telephones, Andy Hart, Seb Wildblood and many more.