Roman Flügel

If you were to entrust a producer to make an album containing all the right noises, Roman Flügel would likely feature high on the list to deliver. 

A stalwart from the days of Frankfurt’s legendary Omen club, Flügel’s productions have flirted with pop techno as Alter Ego (in cahoots with Jörn Elling Wuttke), brutalist techno wallop under various pseudonyms and wonky micro-house, much of which can be found on the brilliant Playhouse label he co-founded with Wuttke.

There was a point where his productions took ominous turns but, thankfully, Flügel mostly exists in the space that suits him best – subtle, playful and melodic. His previous album ‘Happiness is Happening’ was a joy in this respect, no less summed up by the timeless ‘Wilkie‘.

With a brave title like ‘All The Right Noises‘, his third album for Dial should be hitting ‘All The Right Buttons‘. The good news is that after, at least, twenty listens we’ve struggled to detect a wrong noise. All of it seems very right indeed. It’s so right that we think this is likely Flügel’s best work yet.