Tama Sumo

From early days playing gay parties in Berlin to her more recent stint as a Panorama Bar resident, Tama Sumo aka Kerstin Egert has won over countless dance floors with her bright, funky, feel-good selections.

Following the release of her 2009 mix compilation ‘Panorama Bar 02‘ on Ostgut Ton she has continued to provide a varied approach to her DJ sets, ranging from house in all its shapes and colours, combined with reduced techno, old electro, disco and pop. Her sets are always deep, sexy, dirty, jacking, rough and funky. 

But there's more to Tama Sumo than just good vibes. Egert's personal story is one very close to the heart of house music: that of a gay woman who grew up in a conservative environment, eventually venturing out in search of a more tolerant and understanding community. 

Though unknown to most of her audiences, this experience fuels Egert's sounds, adding depth to her selections. Authenticity in music is a slippery phenomenon, but when Tama Sumo plays house she does it in a way that serves the genre's original purpose: to work as a message of love and an emotional salve. 


19:30 Saturday


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