Terry Farley

There aren’t many people in the history of British club music who are held in higher regard than Terry Farley. Alongside Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel, Steve Mayes, Pete Heller and the rest of the Boy’s Own crew, they ran raves, released and produced records and printed a seminal, satirical fanzine that traced a very British link between the football terraces, dance floors, youth fashion and the picket line in a way that no other publication would before or after.

Terry Farley’s first DJ breakthrough came with his residency for The Raid club inn London in 1986 when alongside the other fledgling DJ’s Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold they brought a soundtrack of Disco / Hip Hop / Go Go and House music to iconic venues such as The Wag and the 100 club . 

1988 saw the Acid House explosion and Farley became resident at seminal london House and Balearic clubs such as Shoom , Future , Spectrum , Trip , Limelight and of course his own promotions Boys Own. 

Alongside fellow founder Andrew Weatherall Boys Own ran the voice of Acid House with the Boys Own Fanzine, and later alongside fellow Boys Own founder Steve Hall started Junior Boys Own a label that became one of 90s House music’s biggest labels discovering The Chemical bros , Underworld and XPRESS 2 to name a few.