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Ahead of Brilliant Corners stage at Farr Festival 2017, we caught up with co-founder Amit Patel to find out what provoked him and his brother to open up an audiophile bar in the heart of Dalston. 

We also discuss his team of trusty selectors and shed light on their vintage "on-the-road" sound system, which will aim to recreate the sound fidelity of their space in East London. You can also listen back to a 5 hour recording of the Brilliant Corners x Farr Festival 28th May Bank Holiday Sunday party.


Hi Amit, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions - for those not in the know please can you introduce yourself and tell us what it is that you do?

Alongside my brother Aneesh, I’m co-owner of Brilliant Corners. I manage all aspects of the business, particularly our wine and drinks offering and the roster of DJs.

When did your love affair with music begin? Who spurred this interest in records and audiophile tendencies?

The love affair began when I was 13 years old. The unbridled creativity of early hip hop and the music videos from The Box and Yo! MTV Raps made me want to immerse myself in that culture. I had child-like desperation to get my hands on a pair of decks to mimic and understand better the things I was seeing in those music videos. Audiophile tendencies only came later when I went to Beauty & the Beat for the first time, and I realised that good music, of no matter what tempo or genre, can inspire and touch a dance floor, but only when played on a proper sound system that’s rich in warmth and detail.

When did you first dream of opening up your own venue, bar, restaurant?

I was in a day job that I no longer wanted to be in. Working as a lawyer in the week and living for the weekend was no longer sustainable. I was passionate about music and the arts in general, and I wanted a life in which I was closer to them on a day to day basis. I was ready for change, and I realised I had both everything and nothing to loose. I finally then chose to roll the dice and have never looked back since.

Brilliant Corners

Brilliant Corners has since become a staple in London's music scene, playing host to a medley of local and international selectors whilst guest enjoy in Japanese delicacies in a downtempo environment. Was this always the aim when you set out or did this grow organically through trial and error? 

Trial and error. Initially we had no aim other than putting a good sound system in. We had no experience in the mechanics of running a bar or restaurant and had to learn everything from scratch. Fortunately, we were supported by lots of people with shared values and their help allowed us to stay open whilst we figured things out. The Japanese food offering was initially made possible by the work of our friend Kay Suzuki who we already knew from the dancefloor at Beauty & the Beat. And in a space that’s all about music, Japanese food is a no-brainer. It’s light, healthy, lends itself well to sharing, and perhaps most importantly, it’s relatively odorless so there’s no random smells later on the dancefloor. 

This is Brilliant Corners debut at Farr Festival. What do you envisage of the festival when you think of it?

We are not sure what to expect of the festival but looking forward to being in the middle of a forest listening to music all day and night with likeminded people.

The Brilliant Corners stage at Farr Festival will be housed within in a yurt, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere for dancers. Tell us more about what people can look forward and expect at the stage?

Hearing sets that take you on a journey, played in a way that makes you wonder what’s coming next.

What music can people expect at the BC stage?

All types of music, all genres. Music which is inspired, and is inspiring to listen to. Music with a message. Music that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Good music, played at the right time.


Tell us about the importance of the Klipsch speakers aka the vintage on-the-road sound system that you're bringing to Farr. Where is the system from, who built it, why is it so revered and what is so special about them?

We’re using 4 Klipsch La Scalas. These are the directional versions of the Klipschorns we have at BC which don’t need to be placed in corners of a room. We’ll also be adding 4 TAD Bass Speakers which will make sure the bottom end is tight and beefy enough to deliver in the outdoor setting. At the front-end we’re using an ex-BBC Console which has two Technics SP-10 MKII mounted with custom BBC phono-preamps. To this we’re adding the newest range of cartridges from Audio Technica. The console unit was designed for broadcasting and was never intended to be placed in the middle of field, but it’s going to sound great. 

From Thursday to Friday you'll have a range of residents and some ’secret’ special guests playing at the stage. There is no set time schedule or ordering either, can you explain how the DJs will step up to play?

We do have a rough set times penciled in for the DJs that are playing, but the overarching aim is to take the dancers on a coherent journey, and so everyone has some artistic license to carry on if that’s what the mood of the dancefloor requires. The special guests will drop in as and when they’re free and moment is right.

What other special bits of equipment or features will be present in the yurt?

We’re bringing tropical palm trees and the lunar lighting we have at Brilliant Corners. We’ll also have a wooden dancefloor. We want to space to feel organic, and as close to nature as possible.

Which acts playing at Farr Festival are you most looking forward to seeing?

Floating Points, Sadar Bahar, Tako, Jamie Tiller, Wolf Muller, Orpheu the Wizard.

* Interview by Tom Durston / Inverted Audio

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