Equalising Music with Eksish


We've partnered with Smirnoff to raise awareness of equalising the balance of male and female DJ's and producers in the music industry. Bristol based DJ and producer Eksish steps up for the debut edition of the Equalising Music podcast series, providing a choice selection of deep minimal electronics ahead of her deejay appearance this summer at Farr Festival.

Originally from Poland, Natalia Augustyniakage moved to England at the age of 11 to hone her skills and explore the sounds on offer in the city of Birmingham. In 2013 Natalia relocated to Bristol, hosting a residency at 10twenty Radio. Over the years she has played alongside the likes of Craig Richards, Magda, Gescu, Diego Krause and Jack Wickham. 

Natalia tells us “Farr festival has a very special place in my heart. I've been attending the festival since 2014 and since then it became an annual reunion spot - a place where me and my friends reunite for a dance, some of them which I haven't seen for the whole year... The magic surrounding the festival really makes me feel like home, and it's been really emotional seeing it develop into even more magical place year by year. One of my definite highlights of last year was catching Helena Hauff's set at Adventures In Success stage last year. Truly inspiring soul and a set to be remembered for many, many years... It was also my first time playing at Farr Festival last year, and it's such an honour to be invited back this year. Looking forward to another round! See you in the woods!”

On Friday 6th July Eksish plays at Farr Festival 2018 alongside a wealth of talent including Mafalda, O'Flynn, Or:la, Call Super and the Zenker Brothers. To offer further insight into her mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Natalia has written a few words that you can read down below. 


"This mix was recorded on a late rainy evening, which gave it a little bit of an apocalyptic atmosphere from the start. I was inspired by the woods by night rather than the woods by day. I have been attending Farr Festival since I turned 18 and the atmosphere in the woods at night never fails to amaze me, not to say the day time isn’t special!

As some of you might know, I’ve gathered a bit of a reputation for playing darker, stripped down, somewhat dusty sounding, weird records, but I also love to keep it groovy and dancy. There is a little bit of all of the above in this mix, however – I finished the mix with somewhat funky and happy track. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it."


1.  Zendid – Input [BP034]
2.  Narcotic Syntax Pingpong Voodoo [Perlon]
3.  Move (Livio and Roby remix)
4.  Waysub – Octave [Handcrafter]
5.  8a  -  Nu Zau
6.  b2 Cabanne remix
7.  Octave - Strange
8.  Iar - Dis cu toma [Unreleased] 
9.  Cab Drivers - Bon Bon [CAB42]
10.  Cabanne – Minérale [MB003]
11.  Cabanne - Jesse Garonne MB003
12.  Missing Keys – Deniro [Trip]
13.  Cristi Cons -  Glassdance 
14.  Lee Burridge & Andy Page – Do you smoke pot? [AlmostAnonymous]

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