Earlier this year we ran a competition offering a collective or designer the opportunity to design an installation to debut at Farr Festival 2018. Today we can reveal the two winners and introduce the amazingly talented mural artists that will be showcasing their art in the woods. 

Installation: Jade Ping & Jack Bailey (DROP77)

Jade Ping

DROP77 is the amalgamation of two minds, Jade Ping and Jack Bailey. Both from Hertfordshire and committed to the escapist ethos. They believe that creative works can transport you momentarily and alter your state of consciousness, allowing transformation to occur.

Jade: I’m just trying to keep on keeping on and make it through this crazy life game! Things are all over the place at the moment but I’ve found order among the chaos; juggling between freelance graphic design, artist, waitress, and marketing roles. Recently I’ve been working on self love workshops for festivals and what self love really means... there’s nothing worse than pigeon holing yourself, as soon as you identify as one thing you limit the possibilities of becoming everything else... I guess I’m experiencing as much of what I like, without doing all the stuff I don’t like.

Jack: I’ve been a 3D graphic designer for the last five years, playing around on software and working in the workshop creating my designs. I’m not really sure what I’m doing, I just wanna have a good time.

Jack: In terms of graphic work, I make logos, help develop brand conception and identity. My art style centres on structures, when it comes to creative outlets I’m always thinking how we can manifest and make ideas happen in the realms of product design. The logistics and intricacies of it all is everything. DROP77 is still in it’s embryonic form but a venture that we’re guna make multidirectional.

Jade: My personal artworks focus on the collective consciousness. I ask people to expose their inner dialogue and offer a safe space for people to anonymously utter what they really think and feel – I believe we live in a society were so many of us are afraid to say what we really want to. Through interactive installations and 2d pieces, I create an abstract contrived land which aims to visually mimic the overwhelming feeling when we over think – the pieces aim to demonstrate that we are not our thoughts – I believe the inner voice can often be our prison guard and stop us from being our true authentic self, and through opening up we can come deeper into intentional space creating the opportunity to open, heal and grow.

Jade: We’ll be installing a suspended light installation... 6  8-sided iridescent structures, with a central column of LED lights. With influence from sacred geometry and optical illusions, Jade created the design on illustrator and Jack manifested the vision. The lanterns are made from black laser cut acrylic sheets and are lined with iridescent film.

Drop77 on Instagram | Website

Installation: Julia Sparkle

Julia Sparkle

Julia Sparkle is an artist and performer from London. 

Julia has worked in the international festival scene for years building installations, painting murals and generally vibing up the place.

At Farr Festival 2018 Julia will be installing a psychedelic jellyfish that you can sit underneath and see diffracted colours, whilst looking at all the beautiful nonsense taking place around you. 

You can lie down and look up at the smaller jellyfish lights and fly away into some rainbow dimensions. 

Mural Artist: Charlotte Houliez

Charlotte Houliez

Hi my name is Cha. I’m originally from France but I am currently living in London. I focus on painting, illustrations and graphic design.

Drawing, painting, and varieties of manual creative activities have been something that I've been interested in since I was a kid. After high school I decided to study graphic design, which I have just graduated from. Over the past few year I have focussed my aesthetic on fusing painting with illustration.

When I moved in London, I tried to forge my signature style, which I can now describe as the personification of feelings. Every canvas I make is a female portrait, surrounded by a background of colours defining the state of mind that is represented, and then covered by a pattern of illustrations that follows the shapes in the painting shapes. I also like to do illustrations in black in the same kind of spirit.

At Farr Festival I will be painting the entrance wall to the woods: a colourful fairy like women welcoming the people in the enchanted woods.

Charlotte Houliez on Instagram | Facebook

Mural Artist: Ant Carver

Ant Carver

Ant Carver is a London based artist working from a studio in East London. 

He combines the influence of street art with more traditional painting techniques and works predominantly in oil and spray paint. His work often incorporates the use of portraiture, created in a bold, graphic style.

Ant's interest in the arts originated from a passion for graffiti and street art. His work concentrates on the use of hand painted details, contrasting with bright abstract elements. His work continues to take inspiration from both street art and more traditional styles.

At Farr Festival 2018, Ant will be painting an image from a new body of work that he is currently working on for a show at the end of the year in London.

Ant Carver on Instagram | Facebook | Website

Mural Artist: Mikey Brain

Mikey Brain

Mikey Brain is a London based visual artist, abstract painter and illustrator. 

His large scale painting, illustration and figurative work blends conventional character and figurative techniques with slight abstract tweaks, often-referencing science fiction, different eras, tribes, races, religions and cultures within the same piece of work. 

His art is informed by Mikey's deep interests in the timeless themes that link the earliest of human tribes to modern man, such as; love, ritual, violence, sex, mortality, morbidity, and faith/spirituality. These topics are embodied in the works’ subversive attitude.

Mikey is a long time collaborator with Hot Creations record label and Paradise DC10 in Ibiza, creating illustrations, posters murals as-well as an annual art installation inside an airstream caravan, which is used as a makeshift radio studio.

Exhibiting in London, Goa, Rome, Leeds, Ibiza and Birmingham, Mikey has participated in live art battles, illustrated for various record labels, provided live art experiences for festivals, brand events and live music shows and have created a bespoke hotel room in Ibiza.

At Farr festival I am going to be creating a neo-tribal piece - using industrial and modern design influences and splicing it with ancient tribal influences, mixing my signature character style into a unique new graphic direction.

Mikey Brain on Instagram | Facebook | TwitterWebsite