Into The Woods with Beauty & The Beat


Beauty & the Beat is a full-on, no-limits, all welcome, freeform psychedelic dance party hosted by Cyril Cornet aka Belle Bete, Jem & Cedric Woo. We invited the collective to showcase the sounds of Beauty & The Beat in this uplifting and psychedelic mix.

The collective was born in 2005 from the association of three brothers from another mother: Cedric Woo, Jeremy Gilbert and Cyril Cornet. It wouldn’t have happened without the help of many of their friends, amongst them Pauline and Shannon the guardians of the vibe at the start of the adventure of a full-on, no-limit, all welcome, freeform psychedelic dance party. 

Beauty & The Beat has its roots in a long, broad tradition, which includes the spiritual jazz of The Coltranes and Sun Ra; the trance-rhythms and rebel rock infusing so much African, Caribbean, Latin and Brazilian music; the countercultural matrix of acid rock, fusion and psychedelic funk; the underground river which flows through disco, house, techno and other electronica; the experimental cyber-funk of Kraftwerk, Can and their descendants. 

It’s an Afro-psychedelic tradition, which values creative, intense, hypnotic and celebratory musics as means for bringing people together, while enabling them to enjoy their differences. It’s a tradition in which we experience togetherness as a mode of  true freedom as well as physical joy. Or in other words: free your mind and your ass will follow ! (Or indeed vice-versa). Oh yes!

To offer further insight into the mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Cyril has written a few words below.


This mix has an uplifting vibe, with a psychedelic soul. Its structure is modelled on a Beauty & The Beat party progression, just a bit more compact since Beauty & The Beat nights are usually 7 hours long. 

Starting with an invitation to loosen up in style, entering the trip: It’s festival time! Once one has given up on the Ego, it’s time for a more intense experimentation with tracks from Sputnick Quadrant or Jan Schulte (Wolf Muller), both artists we have worked with on our Beauty & The Beat Label. 

I’m keeping my mind on David Mancuso who left us sadly last year and who’s own vision of what a great party should be like has been an un-measurable inspiration for our own nights.

Time to fly, Voaria, before landing back to reality through a marvellous French psychedelic pop song from Madeleine Chartrand.  We’re ending up on a yet unreleased Beauty & The Beat track from Blackbush (Atemi) called My People. An anthem to friendship (very “in-he-wood”-like by the way.



1.  Philippe Sita – Kimbongela [Sono Disc]
2.  Lask – Sucht [ECM]
3.  Jonny Rock – In Style [OYE]
4.  Sankofa – Festival Time [Sankofa Productions]
5.  Framkie Kelly - Ain’t That The Truth? [10 records]
6.  Randy Remet in Paris - You Got My Feeling [Sabam]
7.  Got To Give It Up  [The Reflex Revision]
8.  Yannick Chevalier – Ecoute Le Son Du Soleil [Point 12]
9.  Dixie Band – Africa [Guadeloupe Production]
10.  Thomas  Frempong – Mada Meho So [Asoma records]
11.  Edits From The Sputnick Quadrant – Sun King [Edits From]
12.  Young Wolf – Kabuki [Ritual Version] [Theme From Great Cities]
13.  Roger Harris – Keeping My Mind [Sumo]
14.  Novidade – Voaria [Tusk Music]
15.  Abel – African Sheikh [Passport To Paradise]
16.  Madeleine Chartrand – Ani-Kuni [Phillips]
17.  Pete Brandt’s Method – What You Are [Fried Egg Records]
18.  Blackbush – My People [Beauty and the Beat]

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