Into The Woods with Ben Galt


The next edition of our Into The Woods mix series arrives courtesy of Berlin Community Radio resident Ben Galt

The Israeli born selector presents a mix that harks back to his early teenage years when he and his friends would drive to the outskirts of the country to stumble upon raves in the woods never knowing what to expect.

Ben's mix traverses through the experimental territories of Pan Daijing, timbral house from Lutto Lento, pure gold breaks from French production trio J-Zbel, a fresh slice of Jules Venturini latest EP on Whities and finishes up with Cooly G's 'Up In My Head' on Hyperdub. Sit back and let this soak in.

To offer further insight into his mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Ben wrote a few words that you can read down below.

Ben Galt Setup

"I wanted to put a mix which represents my own early experiences of being in the woods, or more precisely a mix which reflects the feeling of driving to the woods. 

As a teenager I used to drive with friends outside of Tel Aviv to raves in the woods of the north side of the country. Every time on the way I had a rollercoaster of emotions rotating in me - enthusiasm and excitement, but also some pressure and uncertainty in parts. 

We were young and never really knew what to expect so while driving I would always ask myself and wonder what’s going on and what’s going to happen later. At the same time I also tried to include some of the tunes I’ve been enjoying playing lately and make it club orientated to a degree."


1.  Sharon Lifshitz - Tut Chalomot [Hed-Arzi]
2.  Pan Daijing - The Nerve Meter 神经之量 [Pan]
3.  Haruomi Hosono - Insects Insists Insecurity [Monad Records]
4.  Carlo Maria - Ghost Waves [Brutaż]
5.  ColtureClash - Khöömiy (Dub) [Lost Futures]
6.  Pecker - ケチョップ [Discomate]
7.  Raudive - Carcass [Macro]
8.  Luto Lento - Tongue [777 Recordings]
9.  J-ZBEL - A. ZHF (Poppers Mix) [Brothers From Different Mothers]
10.  Baron Samedi - Soup Kitchen [Patrúin]
11.  Ilaria - Anima [Interactive Test]
12.  DJ Dog & Double Dancer - Transition DNP-CD [Rebound Lounge]
13.  La Funk Mob - Motor Bass Gets Phunked Up (Electrofunk Remix) [Mo Wax]
14.  Orson Wells - Geodesic [Live At Robert Johnson]
15.  Yak - Mido [Version]
16.  Gerry Read - Tango [Clone Jack For Daze]
17.  Physical Therapy - String Thing (Desensitized Mix) [Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest]
18.  Jules Venturini - Trace Of Smoke [Whities]
19.  Cooly G - Up In My Head [Hyperdub]

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