Into The Woods with Chuggy


As founder of three labels under the Emotional Recordings (E Response, E Rescue and Especial) banner as well as co-running the occasional obscurio label Sacred Summits, plus a few not-so-secret side projects, it is surprising Chuggy (aka Stuart Leath to friends) has time to play records. 

However, over the last few years he has again been getting behind the decks to delve through his considerable vinyl collection that he has built up over the years. From avant to dub to disco, esoteric to four to the floor, inner space to outernational, genres are interchangeable. 

Ahead of his DJ sets on Friday and Saturday night at the Brilliant Corners stage at Farr Festival 2017, Chuggy delivers an hours mix recorded at his home in London aimed to warm your hearts and souls with a hotpotch selection of African, Balearic, Dub, New Age and Post Punk flavours. To offer further insight into his mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Stuart wrote a few words that you can read down below.

Chuggy Set Up

"This mix was made on the fly after Farr Festival asked for one last Brilliant Corners Sound System (BCSS) representation. Following a similar style to my 'All Trades' show on NTS it’s a hotchpotch of genres, styles and tempos that goes from maybe how our System will start the day moving in to later afternoons, but leaving night time totally to come.  With the unique sounding Klipshorns in mind - ambient, afro, cold wave, dub, new age, post punk etc and more all in the (non) mix.

The mix feature music from Michael Sterns, Wolfgang Pschnig, Linda Sharrock, Uli Scherer, Trance, Yas-Kas, Kulpowicz, Bourbonese Qualk, The Durutti Column, Gaspar Lawal, Oludum, Oliver Rogg, Vitor Hublot, Heilige 3 Konige, Karunesh, Nahawa Doumbia, Jonny Yoshinaga, Roy Harper, Karin Krog and Dennis Bovell."

* Photography by Tom Durston / Inverted Audio

Brilliant Corners Stage Lineup

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