Into The Woods with Hardbody


Hardbody is a London-based club night focussed on left-of-centre and off-kilter, experimental electronics.

Launched back in April 2016 with a special back-to-back session between Moscoman and fellow Disco Halal producer Mehmet Aslan at Canavan's Pool Hall in Peckham, Hardbody has since showcased a wealth of talent including Yugoslavian rising talent Vladimir Ivkovic, Cosmo Vitelli, Dreems, Gatto Fritto, Andrew from Huntleys + Palmers, Les Yeux Orange, Capablanca, Antepop, Sacha Mambo and Elena Colombi.

Ahead of Hardbody's first birthday at The Waiting Room with Black Merlin and Gatto Fritto on 14th April, Inverted Audio reached out to Christopher Tarbet to record a mix for our Into The Woods podcast series. His mix features music from Jonny Nash, Black Merlin, Colin Stetson, Shackleton, Tapan, Palmbomen II, Richard H Kirk, Pye Corner Audio and many more.

"Woozy, weird, new-age, stoned-age, an electronic soundscape for late nights, early mornings and altered states. An opportunistic mix of less dance floor focussed music, old and new, some beatless and drone-driven - taking the series as a literal brief, to accompany a journey into the woods - a soundtrack to a trip down different paths, pastures and planes. Good music for dog walking."



1.  Jonny Nash - Maroon Crisp [Melody as Truth]
2.  Luna Monk - Setting Sun Blues [Silver Lake]
3.  Black Merlin - Hope [Berceuse Heroique]
4.  Makis Prekkas - Guitar [Enigma Records]
5.  Michel Moulinie - Lente Course [Crypto]
6.  Gunnar Haslam - Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom [Mister Saturday Night]
7.  Colin Stetson - Spindrift [Kartel]
8.  Shackleton - Music for the Quiet Hour, Pt. 1 [Woe to the Septic Heart!]
9.  He Said - Pump [Mute]
10.  Tapan - The City [WT Records]
11.  Love Creation 001 - You’re Going To Love This 
12.  Palmbomen II - Carina Sayles [Beats in Space]
13.  White Poppy - Mermaids [Not Not Fun]
14.  Richard H. Kirk - The Feeling (Of Warmth and Beauty) [Warp Records]
15.  Pye Corner Audio/Faten Kanaan - The Darkest Wave [Polytechnic Youth]

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