Into The Woods with Laylla Dane


Next up in our 'Into The Woods' podcast series is an enchanting vinyl mix from Bulgarian DJ and producer Laylla Dane, featuring "several drops of eco-friendly acid, a good deal of refined hypnotism and a fare share of herbal techno".

Originally from Sofia, now based in Berlin, Laylla has remained true to her best friends house and techno. Her eclectic approach to DJ’ing is one developed through dedication, discipline and love for her craft. 

With regular appearances at Club der Visionaere in Berlin, Laylla Dane has been on our radar for the past two years and we're ecstatic to welcome her to Bygrave Woods to play her debut DJ set at our brand new woodland stage "Ma Dahu's" on Sunday 8th July alongside Berlin based producer Digby (Flash As A Rat) and Perlon kingpin Zip (who will play a 4-hour set!)   

To offer further insight into her mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Laylla wrote a few words that you can read down below.

Laylla Dane Setup

For this  mix I focused on presenting those pieces of electronic music which I find intriguing at the moment and which I could very much imagine myself spin in an enchanted forest.

Most of the records in the podcast are fairly new to my collection. There are a few, however, which have been in my possession for quite a while but only recently did I gain the courage to incorporate them in my mixes. It is rather refreshing to observe how certain records ‘transform’ from obscure to fully perceptible thus harmonizing with one’s current taste.

Last time I recorded a podcast I pursued to create a fluent trip with each track building on the previous one, i.e. the selection of tunes was defined by the flow. On the contrary, with ‘Into The Woods’, I investigated a reversed approach where I selected the tracks I certainly wanted to be part of the final output prior to recording. 

Although I found it more challenging I dare to believe I achieved an organic fuse of several drops of eco-friendly acid, a good deal of refined hypnotism and a fare share of herbal techno that might be a decent soundtrack for stroll into the woods.

Thank you for the podcast invitation and happy listening!

Music by Dynamo Dreesen, SVN and A Made Up Sound, Florian Hirche, London Modular Alliance, Mark Ambrose, Mor Elian, Vakula and more.

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