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Following the release of Bernard Baum's double-sided cassette 'After' on Panatype earlier this month. We reached out to label co-founders Alec Falconer and Harry Wills to record a special ambient mixtape for the next edition of our Into The Woods mix series. 

Kindly recorded at Fat Wang record store in Paris, the duo's mix features forthcoming unreleased material from Panatype plus an exquisite selection of tracks from Actress, Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, Johannes Heil, Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek, Skee Mask, Plaid and many more. Fans of the golden age of Warp (1990's) take note!

To offer further insight into their mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Alec and Harry wrote a few words that you can read down below.

Fat Wang
Fat Wang 2

"Both of us live in different cities, so we took the opportunity to record this mix together while Harry was visiting Paris (from his home in Offenbach, Germany). We had a pretty big night out on the Friday and then pulled ourselves out of bed to go to Fat Wang Records to record this mix when we woke up the next day. I don't know that either of us were feeling too confident about how it would turn out but making this mix was the perfect hangover cure: playing good records; in good company; in a great record shop.

In terms of the selections, this is a 2-hour walk in a fairly weird-and-wonderful wood. Mainly we would like to shout out the selections that come from the Panatype extended family: Schuttle, Red Hook Grain Terminal, Matthias Puech (who actually came to the shop for the recording) Jaxson Payne and Jeremy Turner. We are very excited about the music we are sitting on for 2018, hopefully this mix conveys some of that.

Finally, a massive thank you to JP for letting us totally take over his shop on a Saturday afternoon. If you are ever in Paris, make sure you drop by Fat Wang Records."


1.  Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - Parades [Faitiche]
2.  Bernard Baum – Atoll (Beatless Mix) [Panatype]
3.  Skee Mask - Shred [Ilian Tape]
4.  Memento – Where Is My Guitar [Unreleased]
5.  Space Dimension Controller – Last Sunset On Planet Earth [R&S]
6.  Nthng – A Soul's Search [Delsin]
7.  Jan Jelinek - Drift [~Scape]
8.  Red Hook Grain Terminal – Justsyntholdtapes [Forthcoming Panatype]
9.  Boards of Canada - Corsair [Warp]
10.  Matthias Puech – Spring [Hylé Tapes]
11.  Actress – RIP [Honest John's]
12.  The Chap – P And Me [Lo Recordings]
13.  Squarepusher – Iambic 5 Poetry [Warp]
14.  Aphex Twin - Xtal [Warp]
15.  Plaid - Ralome [Warp]
16.  Bernard Baum - Onra [Panatype]
17.  Alec Falconer – The Thumbs [Forthcoming Panatype]
18.  Skee Mask - Hal Conv. [Illian Tape]
19.  Johannes Heil – 20,000 Leagues Under The Skin [Transleramt]
20.  Alec Falconer - Que Iran [Forthcoming Panatype]
21.  Quest – Smooth Skin [Deep Medi]
22.  Bernard Baum - Atoll [Panatype]
23.  Boards of Canada - Twosim [Music70]
24.  Adam Johnson - Anex [Merck]
25.  Oak – Farewell to Zeroes [Microfunk]
26.  Jeremy Turner – Cwmrai [Unreleased]
27.  Hector Plimmer – Shimmer [Albert's Favourites]
28.  Bernard Baum - Flyst [Panatype]
29.  Proem - Cynical Landlord ((Esem Ycialn Clandrol Remix) [Coredump Records]
30.  Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - Helio [Faitiche]
31.  Jackson Payne - Hopen Part 10 [Self Released]

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