Into The Woods with Pool Tax


For the next edition of our Into The Woods mix series Leeds-based DJ duo and Flux residents Pool Tax step up with an hour long vinyl session of radiant house and disco to thaw the ice that has set upon Bygrave Woods.

Bouncing off each others selections, Pool Tax play diverse sets that can turn between slow psychedelic disco to gnarled electro and anything in between. Having taken a break from producing the pair are back in the studio, expect some long overdue material soon. 

Catch Pool Tax play on our first ever Sunday lineup alongside fellow Flux residents Archie and Wallauer as they share the stage with Hunee, Antal, Dan Shake and Interstellar Funk! To offer further insight into their mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Pool Tax have written a few words that you can read down below.

The Factory - Red Axes.jpg

"This mix was recorded on vinyl earlier this month while the Beast from the East was raging outside, it was cold! Listening back, this probably has something to do with why the songs in the mix are all pretty sun-drenched - we were obviously trying to go to somewhere warmer with it. 

When we are recording mixes together we like choosing our start and end points in advance, then just bouncing off each other's selections as we fill in the middle. It helps to add some focus - especially if we’re switching across genres, or moods. Here we went from the straight disco of Le Pamplemousse to the very outdoor, very festival electro of Dixon's D-Funked. Everything kicks up a gear towards the end of the mix as we race to try and get to a point where we could drop the Dixon record. We hope you enjoy it and see you in July!"


1.  Le Pamplemousse - You Can Get Off On The Music [AVI Records]
2.  The Fantasy - Servants Of The Spirits [Secret Mixes Fixes]
3.  Jeanne Shy - Night Dancer (Beat Broker Dub) [Bumrocks]
4.  Giovanni Damico - Essential [Lumberjacks In Hell]
5.  Astronaut Edits - Ipkiss [Astronaut Edits]
6.  Warten Borgmann - Virtuous Weather [Eclipser Chaser]
7.  Nick Holder - Eddies Groove [DNH Records]
8.  Parisian Soul - Keep On Dancing [Denote Records]
9.  Javi Frias - Hard Edge and Paint [Night Shift Records]
10.  Pletnev - On Fire [Meda Fury]
11.  Unknown - White Label Edit 
12.  Shafty - Deep Inside (Of You) (The Jungle And The Temple) [Heartbeat]
13.  Snax - Turn it (Sleazy McQueen dub) [Random Records]
14.  Aux 88 - Sonic Boom [Direct Beat]
15.  Jonene - Dem Big Ass Boots [Doubledown Recordings]
16.  Bionic Bump Band - Shades, On The Dog Again [20:20 Vision]
17.  Bud Burroughs - On Yr Own [Seventh Sign Recordings]
18.  Dexter - D-Funked [Clone]

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