Into The Woods with Sunun


Next up in our Into the Woods podcast series, curated by Inverted Audio, is a suitably hazy and experimental mix from a staple of Bristol's dub circuit - Sunun. Her mix explores music that is centred around trance inducing rhythms and dub, balanced with inspiring sounds from the future. 

On Sunday 8th July Sunun will play a rare live set at the "Campfire Headphase" stage hosted that day by Bristol-based record label Bokeh Versions. Expect percussion and earthly dub presences fed through her mixing desk, (pictured below), to achieve ghostly and ethereal dubplate results, which remain firmly grounded in eclectic drums based on ancient rhythms.

To offer further insight into her mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Sunun have written a few words that you can read down below. 


"This mix draws together sounds from multiple cultures and genres which I find mystical, liberating and darkly comforting. I kind of see each tune as being different aspects of a personality (not necessarily my own). Many of the records have been found during travelling and exploring roots music from other countries, closer to the equator, centred around trance inducing rhythms and dub, balanced with inspiring sounds from the future. 

I enjoy creating breathing spaces between the extremes of these two styles, and feel this mix is almost a conversation between drums, synthesis and the real world. Artists such as Peder Mannefelt, Fadimoutou Wallet Innamoud, and Honey Bane create strong ethereal atmospheres. There is the presence of the Bristol underground community here - thank you for the constant inspiration."

Photos by Max Kelan

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