Into The Woods with Tako


Ahead of Tako's DJ set this summer at the Red Light Radio + Music From Memory stage at Farr Festival 2017, we reached out to Amsterdam-based selector to deliver a mix and give insight into his vast musical knowledge. Grab your headphones and get ready for the unexpected, this is one hell of a trip.

Alongside Abel Nagengast and James Pole, Reyenga runs Red Light Records, a small, specialist vinyl shop hidden in a seedy, tangled neighbourhood of the kind you'll only find in Amsterdam, where brothels, pubs and bike shops share space with an imposing church. 

The shop grew from Red Light Radio, a successful online radio station set up by Orpheu De Jong and Hugo Van Heijningen that operates out of the same complex. Since 2013 Tako has also run the Music From Memory imprint with Abel Nagengast and Jamie Tiller. The label's success has surprised even Reyenga—records from the likes of Gigi Masin, Vito Ricci, Michal Turtle, The System and Gaussian Curve have earned Music From Memory a strong and loyal following with one Discogs fan commenting:

"This is the blueprint for doing it the right way. Plenty of copies, great sound, dope selection / curation and everything licensed and above board. Discovering this label has been the best thing to happen to my collection in forever."

Tako Ass

Tako now lives in a sleek apartment in Amsterdam's east, with one wall filled with records from floor to ceiling. His records are ordered by genre (soul, funk, disco, ambient, etc.) and country (Greece, Japan, Italy, Holland, France, Spain and South Africa each have their own section), and then further refined according to the colour and design of the sleeve.

To say that Tako's knowledge of music is vast is an understatement, he is a committed vinyl digger and selector - always on the hunt for obscure rarities and unknown gems and we cannot wait to hear what he'll play this summer at the Adventures In Success stage alongside Helena Hauff, Tornado Wallace, Suzanne Kraft, Dazion (live), Sassy J, Ramzi, Orpheu The Wizard and Jamie Tiller.

"I made this in a copy paste style - like piecing together a selection of music to create a little atmosphere. It was recorded at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sunday is pretty much the only day I can really relax and properly listen to my records in otherwise hectic work weeks. Here I explored a bit of hazy jazz and ambient tinged records along with some dream pop and dubby stuff that I'm into. I guess this recording could work nicely for a car ride or something like that...kinda drifting away as I like it."

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Music From Memory: Website / Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

Red Light Records: Facebook / Soundcloud / Discogs Store


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