Into The Woods with Temple


All-round good guy and music enthusiast Temple aka Simon Reid steps up to contribute the next edition of our Into The Woods mix series curated by Inverted Audio - Simon's mix shines a mellow vibe from the off, featuring a choice selection of tracks from Anton Zap, Harvey Sutherland, Jamaica Suk, St Germain, Auntie Flo and more.

Over the past 12 years Temple has been actively DJing and has lit up the likes of Fabric, Dance Tunnel, Oval Space and the very first Dimensions Festival back in 2012. Following his performance at Farr Festival in 2015 we reached out to Simon to record a mix and to reflect on his personal experience of being in the woods.

To offer further insight into his mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Simon has written a few words below.

Temple Setup

"I wanted to present to you what Farr Festival means to me. In July it’ll be my fifth time attending Farr Festival, and every time I’ve really enjoyed the simplicities and excellent atmosphere the woods bring. I wanted to show people a collection of tracks that really mean a lot to me, the approach wasn’t to get as many dubs in as possible, or super new promos that no one has heard. I just wanted to showcase an hour of music that I’m really excited about.

The tracks that I have chosen represent a few sides to me; the mellow intro vibe, the exciting disco and the funky Afrobeat. I tried to add in as many styles as possible without making the mix sound too distant. I always look for interesting transitions whilst putting a mix together, most of the effort is choosing how and when to bring the next track in.

I recorded the mix on my home set up; 2 x Pioneer XDJ-1000’s and my beloved Allen & Heath X:one 92 mixer. I also recorded the mix through a Rane SL4 to give the mix a quality sound and better options when bouncing the audio out."


1.  Linkwood – Lost Love
2.  Anton Zap – Road Trip Song
3.  Harvey Sutherland – Priestess
4.  Dan Kye – Change
5.  J. Morrison – Stay High
6.  Chopstick – You Don’t See
7.  Unknown – Bet Your Life
8.  Jamaica Suk – Velvet Morning
9.  Makadem – Salaam (Extended Mix)
10.  St Germain – Real Blues
11.  Arshaw – Ata Kak Edit
12.  Munk – Nigerian Jam
13.  Auntie Flo – Sun Ritual

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