Into The Woods with Terry Farley


The next edition of our Into The Woods mix series arrives courtesy of long time DJ in the game and Boy's Own co-founder Terry Farley. Having played at Farr Festival for the past five years, it's fair to say that Terry has become a staple of Bygrave Woods. His pumping mix features music from Deetron & Jamie Liddle, Ron Trent & Lono Brazil, Floorplan, Model 500 & Moodymann and many more.

There aren’t many people in the history of British club music who are held in higher regard than Terry Farley. Alongside Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel, Steve Mayes, Pete Heller and the rest of the Boy’s Own crew, they ran raves, released and produced records and printed a seminal, satirical fanzine that traced a very British link between the football terraces, dance floors, youth fashion and the picket line in a way that no other publication would before or after. 

2018 marks Terry's sixth appearance at Farr Festival and once again he will be presenting a punchy lineup at the Boy's Own stage on Saturday 7th July, showcasing none other than Moodymann, Jah Shaka, Earl Gateshead, William Djoko and Stuart Patterson.Boy's Own family members Nancy Noise and Daren Nunes will also play.

To offer further insight into his mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Terry wrote a few words that you can read down below.

Boys Own

"This mix reflects my current DJ sets with my love for the current acid and deep trends, as well as looking into the recent past, such as Floorplan's 'Ritual’ plus the not so recent past, Murk's early 90's classic ‘Outta Limits’  and then even deeper into the past and the roots of where we are at today (70's Icon Jean Carne). 

I love being able to join the dots between Jean Carne and Model 500 or Robert Hood and the latest track on Hot Creations that is moving the younger dance floors. Farr Festival itself is a great 'dot joiner ' and it is a pleasure and honour to be playing for what I believe is my sixth year!"


1.  Austin Ato - Morning 
2.  Deetron with Jamie Liddle - Cry with the stars 
3.  Ron Trent vs Lono Brazil  - Manchild ( Dazzle Drums remix ) 
4.  Will Easton - 18 months free trial 
5.  Ninetoes - Big Boy 
6.  Laolu - The Return 
7.  Floorplan - Ritual 
8.  Mark Jenkyns - Questions 
9.  Twirl - The Doctor 
10.  Artwerk - Acid Lines 
11.  Armitage - Housewife 
12.  Romanthony / Kevin Mckay - looking for the freaky dancers 
13.  Mission control - outta limits 
14.  Model 500 - No UFO ( Moodyman remix ) 
15.  Jean Carne - Time waits for no one 

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