Into The Woods with TuTu


Ahead of the ITT Group stage takeover on Thursday 13th July, we caught up with Bristol-based selector Alice Gordon aka TuTu to deliver an exclusive mix for our Into The Woods podcast series. Her mix strolls between the B-sides of her record collection, featuring music from Farr favourites Roman Flügel, Syracuse, Hercules & Love Affair, At Jazz and more.

Music has always been a passion for TuTu. A talented vocalist from a young age, Alice's love for electronic music blossomed in her teens and has continued to develop into her mid twenties. She is a strong believer in the positive effects music can have and Alice considers music and dancing to be an integral and wholesome part of human nature.

As well as being a representative of ITT, Alice is a member of the newly-formed female collective Boys Club. Having had first hand experience of the benefits of mixing with other women after years of not knowing many who shared her passion Alice is a firm believer in visibility for women and other marginalised groups within the dance music community. To offer further insight into her mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Alice wrote a few words that you can read down below.

Alice Gordon

"This mix is an exploration of my ‘B’ sides and lesser played records. I have a tendency to fall in love very quickly with tracks and play those regularly so I’ve been making myself explore the rest of my collection. I think it’s easy to want to play the newest records as a DJ but personally I get more enjoyment from discovering a new-found liking for a song I already have. 

I love a track that grows on you, it may not have been right 6 months ago but it definitely could be now. As always I’ve tried to span genres and moods throughout the mix, whilst keeping the core focused around house and techno. An all vinyl set recorded on my trusty Technics on a rainy Monday at home, excited for summertime in the woods."

1.  Roman Flügel - Black Acid
2.  Two Bitches From Queens - Women on Drums
3.  T. Margos - AA
4.  Syracuse - Liquid Silver Dream
5.  Daft Punk - Burnin’
6.  Bonar Bradberry - Mod
7.  Ponty Mython - Slippin’ Into Darkness
8.  Danielle Baldelli & Dario Piana - Air Vibes
9.  Hercules & Love Affair - Controller (Extended)
10.  Mystic Bill - Late Night At The Music Box
11.  At Jazz - Looking Glass
12.  Jamie Anderson - Back Then (Jesse Rose Edit)
13.  Sweely - The Time Has Come

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