Into The Woods with Wes Baggaley


For the next edition of our Into The Woods podcast series, we invited Manchester-born now London-based selector Wes Baggaley to offer us a glimmer into his home record collection and to present a mix that cements his reputation for brightening up dance floors with his unique blend of bumping house, flared disco and heads down techno.

Honing his record collection and DJ skills since the mid 1990's, Wes has played with Prosumer and Daniel Wang at Griessmühle in Berlin, Sugar Factory in Amsterdam, Flow Festival in Finland plus London appearances at Horse Meat Disco, Tama Sumo and Lakuti's "Your Love" and repeat appearances at Dalston Superstore. 

However it was his debut appearance on Boiler Room back in September 2017, that encapsulated the world wide web with his on-point selections and trademark handle bar moustache, attracting comments including "Who the f*** is Wes Baggaley?! He's great!” and "I came for the moustache, stayed for the banging tunes! What a set!".

Wes Baggaley performs this summer at Farr Festival 2018, sharing the stage with revered long-time selectors Prosumer, Tama Sumo, Lakuti and Dan Beaumont. To offer further insight into his mix, track selection and overall atmosphere, Wes wrote a few words that you can read down below.

Wes Baggaley Setup

"A mix of late night/early morning deep house and techno dedicated to those nights spent dancing in a basement or warehouse somewhere when you’ve lost track of time and aren’t sure if it’s night or day. The mix is pretty ‘heads down’ until about 3/4 of the way through. Hope you like it!"


1.  Theo Parrish - Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be (Sound Signature)
2.  K Soul and Muteoscillator - Hang On and On (2nd Version) (Uzuri)
3.  Soylent Green - At The Gates (Playhouse) 
4.  Norm Talley - No Need 2 B (FXHE) 
5.  Gemini - How Can I (Cyclo) 
6.  Mark Seven - Helping Hand (World Building) 
7.  DJ Fett Burger - Dypfryst Pizza (Mongo Fett) 
8.  Convextion - Sollum Ferrum (Down Low Music) 
9.  Quadrant - Q1.1 (Basic Channel) 
10.  Callisto - Resistance (Guidance) 
11.  E-N - The Horn Ride (Tribal) 
12.  DJ Fett Burger - Pub 18 (Sex Tags UFO) 
13.  Marcellus Pittman- Red Dogon Star (Unirhythm) 
14.  Fred P - Splitting Particles (The Corner) 
15.  Donnie Tempo - TCB (More About Music)
16.  Modular - Untitled (Firecracker) 
17.  Prince - Head (rework) (Unknown) 
18.  House of Whacks - My Sister’s Daughter (Luxury Service) 
19.  Moodymann - JAN (KDJ)

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