Following Boy's Own takeover at Farr Festival this summer, we are delighted to bring Boy's Own residents Nancy Noise and Daren Nunes to Last Days Of Shoreditch on Saturday 26th November for one last dance before the end of the year. Support on the night comes from Farr Festival residents Ma Dahu, Antepop (Inverted Audio) and the Fortune brothers.

For those not in the know ‘Boy’s Own' was the original village newspaper of the London acid house scene. Founded by Terry Farley and co-run with Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel, Steve Mayes, Steven Hall and Pete Heller. 

Together they ran raves, released and produced records and printed a seminal, satirical fanzine that traced a very British link between the football terraces, dancefloors, youth fashion and the picket line in a way that no other publication would touch upon.

With their tagline: "Boy's Own: the only fanzine that gets right on one, matey!" Farley and his mates raved themselves to the heart of the acid house scene. Which, arguably, is the most unique British youth culture ever, given its impact and lack of guitars and violence.