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On Friday 14th July Red Light Radio + Music From Memory take control of the Adventures In Success stage at Farr Festival to present Helena Hauff, Tornado Wallace, Dazion (live), Suzanne Kraft, RAMZi, Sassy J plus a back-to-back set from Tako, Orpheu The Wizard and Jamie Tiller. Before that, we caught up with label co-founder Jamie to find out more about the makings of the imprint. 
Jamie Tiller

Hi Jamie thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. We cannot wait to welcome you to Bygrave Woods. - For the uninitiated please can you introduce yourself, tell us where you are from and what it is that you do?

Myself, Tako Reyenga and Abel Nagengast founded Music From Memory in 2013. It’s focus is on archival compilations of both released / unreleased material and collaborations with contemporary producers. We also run a sub label Second Circle, which is focused on contemporary dance music in maybe its more unexpected forms.

Who was responsible for turning you onto exploring music in a deeper sense and records in general?

Some of us had met each other earlier but myself Tako, Abel, Orpheu of Red Light all began to hang out and share music and our record discoveries around 2007 in Amsterdam along with friends such as Marco (Young Marco) and on occasions when they were in Amsterdam, friends such as Chee Shimizu (Organic Music) and Basso (Growing Bin Records). 

We obviously all have different backgrounds but for a good few years we were all connecting and sharing music and inspiring each other with music in some way. Sharing music and records that not many other people were maybe interested in back then. 

Now we all seem to have found platforms to share some music on a global scale in our own very different ways and its great that this interest has really grown and I guess you can say our influence seems to have spread in many ways the last years. 


This is your first time at Farr Festival - we’re keen to know how you imagine the festival to be. Please can you describe what you envisage?

I don’t think any of us have any specific expectations but to have fun and find an open minded crowd of people ready to move.

For those not in the know about the Music From Memory catalogue please can you tell us what type of music and selections people can expect at the stage?

Music From Memory reflects a broad taste of music but one that is definitely personal to us. Music we discovered often ourselves or through friends. There is definitely a lot of synthesizers in there, which carries through our releases but also a sense of music which seemed to be ahead of it’s time in some way.  

When we play parties much like Orpheu from Red Light we all definitely connect with playing tracks that maybe weren’t necessarily made with a dance floor in mind when they were made some 30 years ago or so, but sound great on a dance floor today. And I think all three of us are always driven more by creating a vibe than being tied to a genre, or being tied down by any dogmas around what a DJ could and should play.

Joining you on your stage will be Helena Hauff, Tornado Wallace, Suzanne Kraft, Ramzi, Sassy J and Dazion, plus a back-to-back session between Tako, Orpheu and yourself. How do you go about orchestrating an extensive back-to-back session and how would you describe each others DJ style?

We never orchestrate B2B sessions it’s always improvised. We share music and share a like-minded way of playing which I mentioned above. It’s simply about connecting to one another. It’s like a conversation with music, so it would be weird to have already prepared what you have to say and you hope that conversation could go into a surprising and unexpected place.

It seems that over the past couple of years the label has caught the attention of the masses - I would attribute this due to choice producers and releases, diligent and detailed design and a relentless appetitive for digging up records from the past. What other factors do you think are key to the success of Music From Memory?

I hope some of the success of MFM is that people sense that these records come not from a desire to tap into a sense of nostalgia for certain sounds or to feed a desire for expensive or ‘sought after’ records but are an expression of a group of people who have been searching for and developing a love for a certain sound for many years, music often overlooked by most, music shared amongst friends and now shared with a much wider audience.

- Orpheu, James, Abel, Diego

Since establishing the label what are the key things that you are most proud of?

We’re proud of everything but there’s definitely a special feeling to see the artists we have released performing again or when we approach artists that they begin to rediscover their own music and maybe how special it really was.

Not being restricted to your stage, who else are you most looking forward to see perform at Farr Festival?

Aside from our stage I’d definitely be keen to check Terekke and Wolf Müller & Cass.

We’ve also got a heap of daytime activities at Farr Festival including meditation and yoga sessions, (Tako, Jamie, Orpheu) will you be getting your downward dog on?

Without a doubt we will all be getting our downward dog on before and during the festivities. 

What’s coming up next on Music From Memory and sub-label Second Circle and how do you envisage progressing the label even further?

Next up is a new record by the elusive Garrett and a 12” from UK musician Caliban who as well as being a session musician with Reggae / Disco acts like Ozo and Steel N Skin also recorded some amazing unreleased material.

* Interview by Tom Durston / Inverted Audio

>Red Light Radio + Music From Memory lineup

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