We have been overwhelmed by the quality of mixes submitted for our first ever DJ Mix Competition, allowing one lucky selector the opportunity to play a set at Farr Festival 2017, plus a pair of weekend tickets.

With over 80 mixes submitted, picking a winner has not been easy. It's taken many hours of listening to reach our final decision and we'd like to thank you all for your patience during this process. 

Below we have shortlisted the top 8 mixes and have provided some feedback about each mix. Scroll down to discover the winner and take a listen to the top entries.

#8 - Kyle Andries / Kyle from yougoodthing

Kyle Andries

Kyle's vinyl mix delivers a choice selection of house music combined with a super smooth mixing style.

"With this mix I've tried to demonstrate the variety of music styles I play but also take you on a nice 30 or so minute journey from the great use of repetition by Awanto 3 through to the dirt created by Andy Hart, and then lighten the mood again."

#7 - Ben Davis Kearney / Humboldstee


Ben serves up a banging 4/4 techno mix for the heads, building pressure from the off. His fluid mixing style effortlessly builds up the tempo over the hour, incorporating music from Lorenzo Senni, Scuba, Coeter, Insync vs Mysteron, Northern Structures and more. 

"This is my heady mix of the sounds I enjoy. Some of my favourite tracks that I have not had the pleasure of hearing in a club scenario. Some classics in there and a few new releases from artists that I believe are on the up as well as touch ambient electronica to finish it off. For one of those nights where you get lost in the low end and forget to open your eyes."

#6 - Will Harlow

Will Harlow

Will delivers a vinyl mix flecked in house, funk, soul and disco, or in his own words "no frills, fancy flanges or sprinkles". Will's mix features music from Laurence Guy, Midland, Junktion, Labuzinski & Max Graef, Andres and more.

"With this mix I wanted to stick to my musical ethos as best as possible - stripped back, tongue-in-cheek, and of course 100% vinyl. Recorded with two old school Vestax turntables and an outdated mixer, this mix traverses house, funk, soul and disco, complete with unapologetic synths, lazy saxophones and full bodied bass. I wanted to include the influence of sounds from Amsterdam with the label Heist Recordings and Berlin with Rampa weighing in with a powerful remix of Confusion of a Lady.

I envisaged playing this mix on a late afternoon in summer on a lively - but not crowded - stage, low level buzz turning into excitement for the night ahead among the festival goers.  Featuring more sample-heavy tracks from the likes of Andres, Cottam and Frits Wentink, I hope you can feel the energy from behind the decks and, more importantly, how much fun I had recording it! "

#5 - Andy Davey

Andy Davey

Andy's mix traverses breakbeat, house and techno. His selection is on point and resurfaces classics such as Sigha's "Rawww" and brings to attention music from Artefakt, Will Saul & Glimpse, Edit Select, Claudio PRC and Hungarian house / breaks wizard Gnork. We thoroughly enjoyed the subtle progressions of the mix and overall heady atmosphere. Top notch!

"The 'Into the Woods' theme reminded me of one of a Will Saul & Glimpse tune of the ​same name from a few years back which I used to play all the time and perfectly fitted the vibe I was after for this mix. I took that as a starting point and built the rest of the mix round it with some deep, dark, loopy techno for a night spent wandering through the festival, finishing up with some lighter more melodic tracks for when the sun rises and you come out the other side."

#4 - Dominic Hand / Handy


Dominic's smooth mix facilitates vinyl and CDJ's to create a summertime mix that is sure to warm your heart and soul as well as creating those hands in the air moments. Dominic's mix features music from Duke Hugh, Kaidi Tatham, Theo Parrish, Black Dog Productions, Ralphi Rosario, Arkajo, Chaos In The CBD, Project Pablo, Theo Parrish and more.

"This house mix is designed to be as danceable as it is relaxing: at once, smooth, subtle, and bright. These are a selection of tracks that for me evoke the most special time of a festival, when everything’s still just getting going, and the daylight’s spreading through patches of trees; and the kind of sounds I’ve chosen are designed to elegantly transport you into the later, heavier hours. 

I’ve included a spread of tracks, ranging from spiritual and broken beat jazz, to recent releases by the likes of Rhythm Section associates who are playing at Farr this year, and their delicate incorporation of broken beat and jazz elements. The mix progresses through a handful of special house classics by Theo Parrish and Ralphi Rosario, and to the always fun S Tone remix of Montego Bay, combined with some superb but lesser known tracks by artists like Bluemoon Productions and Tominori Hosoya, taking you gradually into a deeper, danceable space".

#3 - Paolo Brando

My Pal Paolo

Paolo Brando delivers a deep chugging mix, rich with atmosphere and a choice selection of music blending together the likes of DJ Sotofett, Anja Zaube, Ghibli, Omar-S and L'Renee, Presence and more. 

"This is a 100% vinyl mix. Overall I started with an ambient, darker, minimal feel. As the mix developed I wanted to convey a cosmic acid sound. I also enjoy using obscure recordings as demonstrated with the Japanese Beetles on a Rose entry and also the penultimate track Butter. 

In terms of actual track selection, I think it is important to have a blend of male and female artists to promote gender equality. I used the Dim DJ - Run track to change the atmosphere and add more energy. Im Looking For You, Roll Tango (Moscoman) and The Strength are all rare records. During the tracks by Anja Zaube and Fantastic Man I brought in the Presence - The Strength (Within) vocal. This is to make the track more memorable to the listener when it is fully played."

#2 - Benny Goh / Shtikman


Ben amalgamates lo-fi house, electronics and techno to create an hours mix that has totally captivated us at Farr Festival HQ. Rather than slamming records together, this mix is all about timing, waiting patiently for 'that' moment. His mix begins with "Existence In The Unfurling" by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, a track that sounds akin to The Knife or the ethereal productions of Fever Ray. Ben then waits to blend in Awanto 3's chugging "Pregnant" then leads us down the lo-fi path of Moodcut's "Trampling Between Cats". 

It's clear that a lot of thought about progression and building up the atmosphere has been invested into this mix. It also features tracks from Marquis Hawkes, Anthony Naples, Actress, Moire, Skee Mask, Alex Coulton, Avalon Emerson, French Fries & Coni, Willow and more.

"For my entry I have curated a set of tracks rooted in house and techno in the broadest terms, but drawing on attitudes and influences far beyond its own. My aim with this mix is to decouple house and techno from its not-always necessary association with the dancefloor. Ultimately I'd be very happy to have it soundtrack someone's daily routine, however mundane or thrilling it may be. This is listening music as much as it is dancing music, an accompaniment for simply being a person in a tense post-everything world."

#1 - Lucas Lethuillier  / Mitsunobu (Underground Feelings)


Behold the winner of our DJ Mix Competition!! French DJ and Strasbourg-based party starter Lucas Lethuillier delivers a mix draped in atmosphere that is encircled by a wealth of silky drums and textures that creates a hypnotic universe. His mix features music from Darragh Casey, Arcarsenal, DJ Q, Romar and more. Considering he is currently studying a PHD in Chemistry, Lucas is showing all the signs of becoming a selector to take note of.

"For me, music is a passion and I got into mixing because I wanted to share this with other people. I think that the principal role of the DJ is to provide an original and creative selection, all the while reading the  mood of the crowd and taking a back seat in order to let the music, and the work of the producer, come to light. 

At festivals I often find that funk and disco-influenced house music dominates. Although I am a great fan of this genre, which is at the heart of electronic music, I feel that a more diverse set list would offer an alternative, and let people discover new artists who they would otherwise not come across. 

During my gigs, I usually play tracks influenced by breakbeat and dub sounds. However, for this Farr festival mix, I took inspiration from the photos of Bygrave Woods during the festival - I have tried to create an ethereal atmosphere, verging on the hypnotic."