Firstly thank you to each and everyone of you for taking the time to enter our 2018 DJ Mix Competition, the effort that you put into this competition excelled our expectations and we are truly humbled with the level of mixing, track selection and number of entries (127 to be exact!).

It has taken us months to go through each and every mix, hence why we're a little delayed in publishing the results, so thank you for your patience. Unfortunately we don't have time to credit each and everyone of you that entered. For those of you that did not make the cut, don't fret there's always next year! 

Below we've listed the top 10 mixes that we believe to be the best of the bunch. Scroll down to listen and to learn where and how these mixes were put together. We'll see you in the woods!!

#10 - Corduroy


Callum's mix transitions from the laid back sounds of Slum Village and Gang Starr to the deeper shades of Moomin, Project Pablo and Luke Vibert. All in all a real great selection of tracks! 

"I recorded this mix when the two inches of snow had sent the UK into a full scale meltdown. Upon deciding that it was too "dangerous" to travel to uni, me and my mate took all our DJ equipment to the basement and spent the whole day mixing.

The mix transitions from some lo-fi and chilled out hip-hop, to deep house, and then ending on some bouncy hip-hop infused house numbers. The first 35 minutes or so hopefully reflected the warm and relaxed feeling of our basement while the last 25 minutes looked to the summer ahead and how I couldn't wait to not be snowed in and dancing like an idiot in a field."

#09 - Paradiso Musico


Recorded in his very own man cave, Matt pulls together a cohesive mix of world sounds. Big smiles all round!

"Global house beats covering 30 years of dreamy, tribal, jazzy and dirty dancing niceness. Everything from psychedelic 1980's Chicago house to contemporary African beats, all with an outward-looking, exotic edge.

I tried to compress my range of sounds into a one-hour portrait, whilst also allowing the tunes room to breathe and never being hasty with them.

This was made using turntables for vinyl and Serato DVS and was recorded on my ancient MiniDisc player, which is why there are a few little glitches at the start of the recording!"

#08 - shtikman


Benny weaves together a sonic exploration that is locked and loaded for interstellar space travel - featuring tracks from Komon & Appleblim, DJ Python, Dream Cycle, J. Albert, Coni, Aphex Twin, Andy Stott and Uffe this mix is packed to the rafters with quality.

"This mix is for the most part inspired by visuals and imagery, specifically a fan-made YouTube video featuring clips of works by Japanese experimental film-maker Takashi Ito spliced and synced to Andy Stott's 'Faith In Strangers'. 

After watching it obsessively over a couple of days all I could think of was how to weave a musical narrative that lead up to and ultimately out of that track. Not a hands-in-the-air type of mix (not in the conventional sense anyway) but hope you get a subliminal kick out of listening to it as much as I did putting it together."

#07 - Bare Polar

Bare Polar

Track selection is key and Bare Polar's mix fuses together a bold palette of sound. Ali's mix features tracks from Akasha System, Chaos In The CBD, Alexkid, Cabasa, DJ Metatron, J. Albert, Special Request, Shanti Celeste and more. 

"When approaching this mix I knew I wanted to avoid the usual Deep House and Disco groovers i'd normally play when playing small bars and venues and instead take the opportunity to play the set I'd love to hear coming out of a massive festival sound system. 

The plan was to try and compress 'the festival experience' into an hour, taking the listener on a real emotional journey from day, into a wonky night and through sunset and back into the early morning, all whilst showcasing some of the weirdest and most wonderful gems in my record collection. 

I ended up getting carried away, going pretty dark and pretty big. It was seriously fun to mix these tracks together and I hope it's as much fun to listen to." 

#06 - Pavliné


Fabien pays homage to essence of house music in his mix - featuring tracks from Lone, Demuja, Tornado Wallace, Frits Wentink, Takay Matsumoto - this one really gets our heart pounding and feet shuffling.

"Farr Festival caught my attention with its lineup which includes a good number of my favourite selectors (Hunee, Gerd Janson, Young Marco…) It is with these selectors in mind that I began going through my music collection and selected the tracks that would define the mix’ musical direction. 

I searched for Balearic sounds to pay homage to Young Marco’s successful ‘Welcome to Paradise’ compilation and picked tracks from Agua Re and Azura. I also wanted to convey the playfulness that defines Hunee’s sets by including ‘Low Tension’. 

Finally, I included a track from Gerd Janson’s record label with ‘Today’ which I recently purchased from Phonica which is conveniently a short walk from my work place. I selected ‘Saturday Night (DJ-Kicks)’, ‘Be With Me’ and ‘Be Free (Just Alexander Remix)’ for their ethereal synth lines to convey the sometimes otherworldly feeling that can come from dancing in the woods. I acquired the other tracks specifically for this mix."

#05 - James Egan

James Egan

Now this is a mix that excels a our criteria for track selection - James weaves together everything, including Sci-Fi snippets to Norsk via Gospel to create a mix teeming with character and atmosphere. 

"The idea here is to take the listener on a familiar journey into the unknown. From Sci-Fi snippets to Norsk to Gospel, I have dug deep to build a real sense of atmosphere. 

An atmosphere gently undulating between both an analogue and digital musical aesthetic. The hypnotic thud of a spliced-up, dusty old kick drum, and the exhilaration of warm, tingling synth textures. All connected by a single pulse: The fuzzy grey chug of an android's heartbeat, lost in a deep dream somewhere off outer Andromeda.

Or the loop of the lapping waves at your toes, as you drink in another Balearic sunset. As the journey nears an end you realise you've neither gained nor lost time, it has simply stood still - as you come to land where you took off: Farr Festival, Bygrave Woods, Hertfordshire."

#04 - Maslow Unknown


Lee serves up a home recorded vinyl mix jam packed with quality cuts and edits. The sort of sounds you'd expect on a packed out Sunday at Panorama Bar in Berlin.

"My mix features tracks that I'm really into at the moment - heavily influenced by various trips to Panorama Bar, which I cannot stay away from!"

#03 - Lewis Lowe

Lewis Lowe

Lewis really pushes the boat out with this mix. Rammed full of breaks and up-tempo energy, his mix features Nathan Fake, Minor Science, Special Request and a superb remix of Opus III - It's A Fine Day. Ooft!!

"This mix was made on Boxing Day 2017 after a month of listening to lots of good music during a spell of downtime. I wanted to create something that truly represents my style of DJing and the music I'm most passionate about. 

The track selection was really completely down to choosing one song I really wanted to hear in a mix and then building around that song with stuff I've been playing at gigs or stuff I've wanted to air out. Said song is the Luke Chable remix of PQM which I heard years ago on a James Holden mixtape and have been in love with since. The darkness of the vocals it mixed with the trancey/prog house euphoria really sets it out above a lot and it has stood the test of time really well. 

The track list doesn't look like it should work but as I was recording it it kind of all felll into place. I also love being able to add songs from my own label from the incredibly talented producer Pseudopolis and am excited that some of our forthcoming music will be heard by a load of different people through this competition."

#02 - Cabra


There's no doubt about it - this setup shows a true master at work and this mix from Chris exemplifies that practice makes perfect. 100% solid from start to finish, smooth transitions and a track list to take note of. Dive in this one's one for the heads!

"So, the idea behind he mix was two fold; 1) trying to create something which related to having a few special ‘lost moments’ in the forest in festival last year :) and that ties in with the second point, which is, 2) digging deep as per your brief, trying to tie the two points together to make something relevant to the vibe you guys are creating in the forest and the music environment.

My record collection is all vinyl, I’m an avid collector and have been for 20 years. The mix is largely stuff I’ve bought this last year with a few oldies thrown in complement the vibe of the mix. The mix itself is all vinyl - I only use the XDJ’s you see in the photo for edits I do to make tracks longer/more playable and for the odd thing that costs £100 on Discogs when I can get a digital copy. 

When I saw the ad for the competition, I wanted to put something together which I thought reflected some of the areas of the festival and artists I saw last year, but maintaining the grooviness/hypnotic feeling, as well as the ‘Space/Robo-Funk’ theme a lot of my records have, an interstellar journey if you will (apologies for sounding wanky). 

The selection took me two weeks in total as I wanted to get it just right and its about as true to my sound as I can get - there are some deeper house sounds (Seafoam from Guidance records in the 90’s) through to electro (Omar on Cabaret label Japan) through techno in Thomas Rooge (Gosu Label) and more current sounds with Z@p from Uruguay (on Melliflow) and finishing with an old 90’s house label (Affected Music). I’d like to think the mix is deep enough to maintain the ethos of the festival musics policy, but have enough diversity in there to be stand out from the rest of the entrants."

#01 - Duncan


Duncan delivers a super deep and atmospheric mix that transports the listener through different atmospheres, tempos and feelings. The kind of multi-sensory experience you'd expect at Farr Festival. Duncan's track selection and mixing capabilities are bang on especially considering his turntables are sat on top of cardboard boxes. Hats off to Duncan, you are the winner of our 2018 DJ Mix Competition! 

"For this mix I've focused on what is unique about the festival experience. For me it's an opportunity to deepen connections with others, but also to immerse yourself completely in music in such a prolonged and complete way that you give yourself over to it like at no other time. 

I see this mix being played later on in the festival perhaps Sunday, once sleep deprivation and physical exhaustion start having their effect. It's a mix to be overwhelmed by; it's not really fun or beautiful it's more powerful I hope even a bit scary haha. I always remember those moments I've had where I've been forced to lose all sense of place and time and be washed away by the music, even losing touch with the self. It would be extraordinary if this mix could help generate that experience in others."