Goodness Gracious Vegan

Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods serve up the very best in Vegan and Vegetarian food. You can expect lavish salads, scrumptious (free-range egg) organic veggie burgers, plus an array of hummus, falafels and spicy Mexican patties. All of their tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar and fruit juice are fair trade.

"An electronic oasis of music."

The Line Of Best Fit

"Farr has the atmosphere, personality and bookings to ride its current wave of success well into the future."

Resident Advisor

"Farr Festival oozes an organic quality that other bigger festivals can only struggle to emulate."

Ministry Of Sound

"Farr promises a particularly intimate style of hedonism that its larger scale counterparts could only dream of achieving."

Crack Magazine

"Farr has got everything in order, resulting in a near flawless musical get-together."


"Farr’s ambitious programming certainly pulled off, and the number of exception quality sets was probably the highest I have ever experienced at a single UK festival."

Stamp The Wax


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